Tools for Markdown and restructuredText

On my quest to find a way to render my Markdown and restructuredText docs on the fly, I’d found a lot of useful tools. Markdown is my favorite lightweigth markup language. This blog is writen mostly in Markdown, thanks to Markdown on Save Worpress Plugin. I use it also for writtting simple tutorials, or step-by-step installation notes, or just to keep some tips for RegEx, for example. And restructuredText can be used for the same uses, and thanks to some powerful options, is great to write long documentation, or even a book (Symfony2 docs and books are writen in restructuredText). But… it’s […]

Symfony2 Docs in local HTML , ePub and (yes!) PDF

Many people are still searching on Symfony2 Docs site how to download a PDF version as we found at 1.4 version, but saddly there is no one. I prefer browse in HTML, but of course in the site it’s not the most confortable way. When I was trying to manually download the docs (monkey job), I’ve found an info about the format used to write the docs, the, o reStrucuturedText: Symfony – Documentation Format And there I’ve found how to use Sphinx (not the indexor, but the Python doc generator) to build the docs in HTML, Latex, ePub and PDF. […]