Symfony2 Docs in local HTML , ePub and (yes!) PDF

Many people are still searching on Symfony2 Docs site how to download a PDF version as we found at 1.4 version, but saddly there is no one. I prefer browse in HTML, but of course in the site it’s not the most confortable way. When I was trying to manually download the docs (monkey job), I’ve found an info about the format used to write the docs, the, o reStrucuturedText: Symfony – Documentation Format And there I’ve found how to use Sphinx (not the indexor, but the Python doc generator) to build the docs in HTML, Latex, ePub and PDF. […]

Deploying a PHP symfony 1.4.x application onto DotCloud

A friend suggested me to test Dotcloud Application Plattaform, which runs under Amazon Cloud. As I develop using PHP symfony framework, there is some problems to resolv. Well, after some resarch and studies, that’s my steps to make it happen. Create your account Go to Dotcloud and do it. Follow to make basic install of dotcloud stuff. Create namespace and applications First the namespace: dotcloud create myprojectname After the application: dotcloud deploy –type php myprojectname.www And a database application (in case, MySQL) dotcloud deploy –type mysql myprojectname.db Gets the MySQL user and password with dotcloud info command: dotcloud info […]