Quick start guide for using CDN in your application

CDN (Content Delivery Network) are distribuited servers across the internet that server your site not only with redundancy, but througth the nearest way to your end client.

This service is used for large websites and companies. But we can use part of these services for free and speed up our sites and apps. Let's learn why.

This is an old article (2013). Maybe the content is outdated.

Protecting and licensing your PHP code: PADL - PHP Aplication Distribution Licensing

Even working with free software, we often need to protect our code.

There are good tools there (proprietary) for this, is that I use Ioncube.

But even if go deep in the proprietary world, you must use licenses with expiration limit per machine, domain, etc..

Herein only the proprietary tools provide that, but are expensive (Ioncube itself).

Researching the subject, I found an old class, but very well done. I updated the code, applied codding standards and some docs and PADL was "reborn": PHP Aplication Distribution Licensing.

From SQL to NoSQL/MongoDB: Rethinking your developer life

We live in a massively relational world, storing our data in relational databases, using SQL to find, create, update and delete data, and the thought of storing data was invariably in this paradigm. But the Internet has grown exponentially, different needs has come and relational databases began to not suit the needs of many projects that can not be thought of for years and remain as they are for so many years ahead.

Then, new types of storage approach emerged and stirred relational supremacy. And with the life of developers. In this article I discuss a little my history and what leaded me to use MongoDB as base storage for my projects.